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Cork Countertops

Suberra is a ultra-dense, lightweight, cork material made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain. Suberra cork surfaces can be used to construct durable work surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom countertops. It can even be used as flooring and wall paneling.

Suberra is non-slip, self-healing, anti-bacterial and has no heat-sink or cold-sink.

We offer Suberra in individual slabs or in pre-seamed & sanded unfinished countertops. You can also purchase pre-made Suberra Cutting Boards to add an antibacterial cutting surface to any kitchen or commercial kitchen workspace.

Looking for cork flooring? We also have a line of Suberra flooring in seven beautiful finishes. Click here to view Suberra Cork Flooring

Suberra is made with a zero-VOC binder. We have submitted the counter product for VOC testing and any compounds found were far below the stringent California 1350 test. It was tested by Iowa State as part of the USDA's "Bio-Preferred" program and Suberra counters were found to contain 100% bio-based carbon, meaning there were no detectable petrochemicals. There is no added urea-formaldehyde.

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