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Ecosupply sells a variety of cork products including expanded cork insulation, cork countertops, click-clock cork flooring and massive cork blocks.  Our services division, Ecocuts, can also cut tables and shapes to size. 

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Cork is the quintessential rapidly renewable resource. The bark of a cork oak tree grows three to four inches thick after the first twenty years of the tree’s life. This bark can be harvested from the same tree every nine years without harming the tree, which will continue to grow for several hundred years. Most of the world’s cork is grown in Portugal. Because of the longevity offered by the harvesting of cork from oak trees, the recurring revenue stream is highly beneficial to the people of Portugal. The bark is stripped from the tree and wine corks are the first product pressed out. The rest of the bark is mulched and used for exterior façade, countertops, insulation, flooring, and cutting boards.

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