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SIGA Tapes, Adhesives & Membranes

Protection for the House. Health. Climate.

SIGA’s line of products are industry leading when it comes to building envelope that aren’t spray applied. This family business based in Switzerland started in 1965 and since 1985 has excluded toxins like solvents, chemical dryers, formaldehyde or harmful resins. SIGA puts enormous effort and resources into developing SIGA’s employees and their products through R&D. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the products and people.

SIGA produces an integrated suite of products: tapes; membranes; primers; and accessories that take care of every aspect of air and water sealing as well as interior vapor control. Their system is as long lasting and durable as it is easy to apply. From roof membranes, to breathable window sealing tapes to interior vapor control layers SIGA covers the whole gamut and their products are extremely well priced for the quality. They have great solutions for hard to seal areas like basement sills and rim joists. How many times have you seen a ton of insulation and money stuffed into these areas only to feel a cold draft coming through?

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