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SIGA Dockskin | High Performance Primer (1 kg) 2.2 lb Can

$ 35.00

The high-performance primer Dockskin is the perfect solution for strengthening sandy, fibrous substrates, such as woodfibre boards, wood-based panel materials, gypsum fibre boards, plaster and stone. The SIGA products Wigluv, Rissan, Sicrall, Corvum, Primur and Twinet can be perfectly combined with Dockskin. They enable e.g. easy, quick and reliable creation of base joints.

Available in Single Cans or a 6 Can Case.

Your advantages

quick drying – short waiting time in combination with SIGA-Wigluv and SIGA-Rissan

strong penetration – extremely good adhesion on woodfibre boards, masonry and concrete

usable on cold substrates from – 10 °C


SKU: 5910

Weight Per Item: 2.5 lb

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