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SIGA Fentrim F6 - Featured Image

SIGA Fentrim F6

$ 115.00

The black, fleece-backed flashing tape Fentrim F is the ideal flashing solution for jobsite conditions where mixed substrates are present. Primer is not required, even for masonry, and the aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds in the most dificult temperature conditions. A tear-proof, split-release liner allows fast and error-free results...every time.

Your advantages

  • High adhesive strength at high and low temperatures.
  • Easy to apply, immediately 100% tightrobust, fleece-backed carrier material reliable, long-term building value.
  • No primer required for masonry saves time, eliminates process mistakes.

    Suitable substrates

    • Wood
    • Hard wood-based panel materials
    • Gypsum fibreboards
    • Plasterboards
    • Cement fibreboards
    • Metals
    • Hard plastics

    SKU: 9712-15025

    Width:  6"

    Length (per roll):  82' (24.99m)

    Weight Per Item: 4.0 lb

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