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SIGA Fentrim IS 2 - Featured Image

SIGA Fentrim IS 2 | 75mm

$ 68.65

The black colored, single-sided high-performance adhesive tape Fentrim IS 2 is the optimal solution for permanent airtight and driving-rain proof sealing of window and droor frames in solid construction on the exterior. Fentrim IS 2 is pre-folded with a size of 15/60. According to the rule "less permeable on the inside than on the outside", the white colored window joint tape Fentrim IS 20 perfectly supplements Fentrim IS 2.

Also available with perforated plastering zone.

Your advantages

  • Extremely high adhesive strength on every surface
  • Easy to apply, immediately 100% tight 15 mm pre-folded, without backing strip
  • Fastest bonding to window frames bonding from - 10°C / 14°F fast and tight window installation all year-round

    Suitable substrates

    • Wood
    • Hard wood-based panel materials
    • Gypsum fibreboards
    • Plasterboards
    • Cement fibreboards
    • Metals
    • Hard plastics

    Suitable membranes

    Vapour control layers / diffusion retarder sheeting – Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting, Kraft papers, Aluminium membranes

    SKU: 9612-156025

    Length (per roll):  82' (24.99m)

    Weight Per Item: 2.0 lb

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