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SIGA Majcoat Roof Membrane Roll

$ 345.00

Mounting the roof underlay membrane for between-rafter or above-rafter insulation.

The driving rain-proof and diffusion-open breathable membrane Majcoat is perfectly suitable for creating a permanently windtight building envelope. It can be used for between and above-rafter insulation and for rear-ventilated facades. Driving rain resistance of Majcoat and SIGA accessories has been proven by the TU Berlin.

Majcoat complies with the requirements of ZVDH

  • Complies with the ZVDH product data sheet Breathing membranes class UDB-A according to table 1
  • Suitable for makeshift coverage
  • Suitable SIGA accessories: Wigluv, Primur Roll, Nail sealing tape
  • Suitable for use as roof membrane class USB-A
  • Combining Majcoat with the vapour control layer Majpell (sd value=5 m) ensures perfect moisture transportation with a diffusion gradient of 1:50.

Your advantages

3-layer, sturdy and tear-proof – no damage in construction phase

closed functional layer protected by 2 fleeces – driving rain-proof and durably moisture-diffusing

imprinted cutting and bonding aid – saves time

Width: 4.9 ft.

Length (per roll): 164 ft.

SKU: 8710-150050

Weight Per Item: 38.0 lb

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