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SIGA Majrex Membrane Hygrobrid Vapor Control Membrane

$ 399.60

SIGA Majrex is a fiber-reinforced, modified PE/PP sheet designed as an interior air-barrier and vapor control membrane.

With its unique and revolutionary Hygrobrid® technology, the diffusion resistance of Majrex varies depending on the direction of vapor flow. Interior water vapor is prevented from driving into the wall cavity (low permeance), while still being allowed to move in the other direction and dry-to-the-inside (high permeance). SIGA Majrex offers a high degree of protection against moisture damage, even in challenging flat roof and continuous insulation assemblies.

When combined with compatible SIGA system components, SIGA Majrex also forms an effective air barrier against warm air convection (drafts and heat loss). Suitable for containment of injection insulation.


Hygrobrid moisture-variable technology is secure for every construction

Dimensionally stable material lays flat and wrinkle-free

Cutting and bonding aid save time

Width: 4.9 ft.

Length (per roll): 164 ft.

SKU: 8310-150050

Weight Per Item: 49.0 lb

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