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SIGA Primur Tubular Bag 600ml

$ 28.60

Primur is very well suited for airtight bonding of vapour control layers to plastered masonry and other massive structures (e.g. concrete, wood). No supporting lath is required as the high-performance adhesive compound is durably adhesive and elastic.

Available in Single tubular Bags or a 12 Bag Case.

Your advantages

durably elastic – reliably absorbs structural movements

durably self-adhesive – no supporting lath required

solvent-free – unlimited durability, resistant to aging

Suitable substrates

  • Wood
  • Hard wood-based panel materials
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Plasterboards
  • Cement fibreboards
  • Concrete, masonry, plaster

Suitable membranes

Vapour control layers / diffusion retarder sheeting – Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting, Kraft papers, Aluminium membranes

Vapour control layers / diffusion retarder sheeting for above-rafter insulation and renovation from the outside – Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting

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Weight Per Item: 1.6 lb

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