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SIGA Wigluv 100 | 4" Wide Exterior Air Sealing Tape

$ 69.15

The single-sided high-performance adhesive tapes Wigluv 100 and Wigluv 150 are perfectly suitable for permanently windtight sealing of roof insulating and facade boards on the outside. Combined with the high-performance primer Dockskin, Wigluv 100 and 150 offer a unique solution for woodfibre boards and masonry, and for base joints.

Driving rain resistance in combination with Majcoat has been proven by the TU Berlin.

Width: 3.9 in.

Length (per roll): 82 ft.

Your advantages

high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures – reliable, no building damage

diffusible sd < 2m – prevents condensation build-up

slit backing strip – simple and quick to apply

Suitable substrates

  • Wood
  • Woodfibre boards *
  • Hard wood-based panel materials
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Cement fibreboards
  • Concrete, masonry, plaster *
  • Bituminous sheeting in the base area
  • Perimeter insulation
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics
  • Electric cables* must be reinforced with SIGA-Dockskin high-performance primer

Suitable membranes

Vapour control layers / diffusion retarder sheeting for above-rafter insulation and renovation from the outside – Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting

Roof underlay membrane – (apart from bitumen and PVC membranes except if given individual approval)

Facade membranes

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Weight Per Item: 4.1 lb

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