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SIGA Wigluv 20/40 | 2 1/4" Air Sealing Tape

$ 50.55

The single sided high-performance adhesive Wigluv 20/40 offers all of the benefits of Wigluv 60 with the addition of a split tearproof backing strip. This innovative design allows for a precise and quick application of the air sealing tape in corner penetrations such as doors and windows. Wigluv 20/40 is the optimum solution for tightly air sealing breathable membranes and facade membranes, overlaps, penetrations and bonds on the outside.

Driving rain resistance in combination with Majcoat has been proven by the TU Berlin.

Width: 2.4 in.

Length (per roll): 82 ft.

Your advantages

High adhesive strength at both high and low temperatures – reliable, no building damage

Diffusible sd < 2m – prevents condensation build-up

Driving rain-proof and impermeable to water – permanent protection for roof and facade
Suitable substrates

  • Wood
  • Hard wood-based panel materials
  • Gypsum fiberboards
  • Cement fiberboards
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics
  • Electric cables

Suitable membranes

Vapour control layers / diffusion retarder sheeting for above-rafter insulation and renovation from the outside – Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting

Roof underlay membrane – (apart from bitumen and PVC membranes except if given individual approval)

Facade membranes

SKU: 7510-6025

Weight Per Item: 4.2 lb

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