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Suberra High-Density Cork Cutting Board - Featured Image

Suberra High-Density Cork Cutting Board

$ 34.99

Our ultra high density cork material, Suberra, is popular as a cutting board.

Suberra cutting boards are superior for more delicate tasks such as working with slippery items or for fine work like julienning delicate material. When a thick but light serving tray is needed Suberra shines as well. The insulating properties of cork prevent it from becoming and cold or heat sink, keeping items at temperature for longer. It should be maintained, cleaned and treated like a wood cutting board. See our care guide below under Documentation.

Suberra Cutting Boards come in two sizes:

  • 8x12
  • 12x18

We can make larger cutting boards or surfaces on request, please contact our services division, Ecocuts, for more information. 

SKU: suberra-cb-sm

Weight: 4.0 lb

+ Documentation

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