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Thermacork 1/2” Standard Cork Insulation - 20 Panel Pack

$ 100.00

0.59“ x 19.625“ x 39“ (12mm x 1m x 500mm) - 20 Panels / 107.6 sqft per pack

Insulation cork is a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable product made from the bark of a a Cork Oak Tree, a species called Quercus suber. Cork trees grow primarily in the cork forests of the western Mediterranean. One of the most versatile green building materials available, the use of cork is growing substantially. Thermacork is sourced from Portugal.

SKU: TCIse15mm

R-Value:  2.07/in

Dimensions:  1/2“ x 19.625“ x 39“ (12mm x 1m x 500mm)

Panels Per Pack:  20

Square Footage Per Pack:  107.6

Weight Per Pack: 65.0 lb

Thermacork's 100% Natural Harvesting & Industrial Process

Cork harvesting is an ancient tradition of Portugal, thousands of years old. Present day, it's done by hand for two months a year. Skilled cork harvesters split the bark from a cork oak tree. This doesn't damage the rest of the tree, in fact, the trees flourish from this process. Each tree can live up to 250+ years, and is harvested every nine years. After harvesting, the removed bark is dried in the sun, and handled differently depending on its use.

Thermacork is produced from the natural cork granules which are heated with steam, causing the cork to expand and activate the suberin (cork's natural binder) requiring no added binders or chemicals during the production of insulation cork. Throughout this process, nothing is wasted. All waste is returned to the production process, making cork harvest and production one of the most sustainable business practices on the planet.


  • Cork has a high R-Value at R-4 per inch depending density. This means reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Dimensionally stable, with no appreciable shrinkage over time
  • Cork is incredibly stable and can cope with major thermal variations, between (-) 292 degrees F to (+) 248 degrees F. Thermal resistance does not decrease over time like man-made foam
  • Reduced mold risk in sheathing due to cork's permeability, allowing water to "dry through" layers, preventing mold and rot
  • More resistant than other rigid insulations to compression, creating a flat plain for a smooth wall
  • Excellent sound isolation
  • When applied to an exterior layer, cork drastically reduces thermal bridging at the wall and rim joist
  • Hypoallergenic and free of all domestic toxins. In the case of fire, it releases no toxic gases
  • Does not shrink or "off gas" like EPS, XPS, or Polyiso foam boards
  • Recyclable and reusable after deconstruction

Tech Specs

Thermal Conductivity: 0.036-0.038 W/mk for a declared value of EU label of 0.04 W/mk

Density: 7.0-7.5 lbs/ft3

Perpendicular Face Resistance: 60 Kpa or 8.7 PSI

Compression Resistance: 10% at 100u Kpa or 14.5 PSI

Maximum Moisture Content: 8% with water absorption declared at 0.5 kg/m2

Longitude Tolerance: +/-0.1 to 0.2" or +/-3 to 5 mm

Thickness Tolerance: 0.04 to 0.1" or +/-1 to 2 mm

Fire Resistance: Euro Class "E"

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